Frequently asked questions

Are your pieces food safe?

Yes, all my pieces are safe to eat off of or drink out of.

Can I put pieces in the dishwasher?

Yes, all pieces are safe to put in dishwasher, but it's always better to handwash if you can.

Can I put your ceramic pieces in microwave?

Yes, you can put all pieces into the microwave to heat or re-heat items.

If I see something I like online, how do I know it is still available to purchase?

The ceramic pieces on my website are just examples of my work. All pieces are one of a kind. If I don't have an item you like from my website, I can reproduce most items. You are invited to make an appointment and come visit my studio to shop my most recent work.

Can I order a set of an item, or request a certain color?

Yes, you can order a set of any of my existing designs and select a glaze you like from those I work with in my studio.